Huguenot Horology is an Irish watch company founded from our shared passion for classic watches which was many years in the making. With a lifelong interest in watches, combined with a dash of design and engineering experience, we created a contemporary watch brand that pairs classic watchmaking traditions with innovative, modern design and technology.

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Henry Roe

Co-Founder & Engineer

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Jack Daly

Co-Founder & Designer

Why Huguenot?

"We wanted to design modern watches for people like us, who also love the vintage style of the 1950s and 60s era and care about quality"

We have always had a passion for iconic designs. And in watches, that passion has had a permanent home. Our watch collections are designed as contemporary timepieces with shades of historic character we feel are missing from many modern brands. Ultimately, we hope by defining our time making quality watches, we can inspire you to feel more connected to your personal story and the moments that define it.